At RAW Recovery sober living we believe our residents can recover, and our mission is to demonstrate to our residents that sobriety is worth it. Why? Because we have been through it. We have struggled with alcoholism and addiction ourselves. We have been through treatment and transitioned into sober livings. We know what it’s like. We know what our residents are going through and are here to support them during this difficult time. Not only do we provide structure and a safe sober environment, we live our lives with them. We recover with them.We are dedicated to their success.

Our Approach

RAW provides the best possible opportunity for successful long term recovery by allowing you or your loved one to transition from inpatient treatment to the outside world. We instill the importance of 12-Step based recovery in our clients while promoting the importance of purpose. In our experience, clients that learn to have fun and be productive in recovery have the greatest chance at lasting sobriety. In Orange County there are many options for sober living. RAW provides much more than just a safe, sober environment for you or your loved one, and since its founding has worked to distinguish itself as a leader in the sober living industry by working closely with addiction treatment + drug and alcohol rehabilitation providers to ensure a smooth continuity of care. 

our success


Family Home Feel

A non-institutional, community based living arrangement with opportunities for fun and fellowship in sobriety throughout Orange County.


Finding Direction

Accountability requirements for resident's efforts in recovery. We believe structure, assistance in job placement, school enrollment, and finding volunteer opportunities are very often the best form of addiction treatment.



With multiple sober living properties in different locations throughout Orange County, we have a wide range of pricing. Give us a call to discuss options that will fit your budget!

our properties



Rochester Residences

San Felipe

A beautiful single family style sober living home with a pool table, and large back yard in the heart of Orange County in Costa Mesa, CA


San Felipe

Rochester Residences

San Felipe

Newly updated sober living home with upscale amenities and modern conveniences in Huntington Beach, with quick access to all of Orange County!


Rochester Residences

Rochester Residences

Rochester Residences

A community of four newly renovated sober living residences around Orange County with common outdoor areas perfect for sober socializing.