Appreciation From Families

From Tim

"I would like to thank RAW sober living for its positive contributions in helping men strive to become the best versions of themselves. Specifically, the community of RAW, beginning with the house leader, sets the tone of sober-community engagement, responsibility for property management and service to others. Under this strong leadership and within this community men are able to grow whilst helping all others around them do the same."

From Jennifer

A parent’s greatest fear is the death of their child. A parent’s second greatest fear is the death of their dreams for their child. Mothers and Fathers of drug addicts experience both and the fortunate ones have somehow found ways to keep them alive. Without RAW Sober Living my son would not be alive, I am certain of this. Addiction, and a series of relapses left our entire family overwhelmed and incapable of caring for him. It was the lowest point of our lives. Then we found RAW, and their staff have become our son's mentors, family and home over the past 17 months. We do not understand all it takes to keep our son sober and focused on his dreams. We had to let go and admit RAW was more equipped at caring for him than us. With the opiate and drug epidemic rampant in our country, we need more programs and homes like RAW sober living as there are thousands and thousands of addicts like my son that desperately need this environment to stay alive and live to their potential."

From Yve

"The opioid epidemic found our family … hard. Our son struggled for more than a year to get out of addiction on his own. Shortly after a local detox and in-patient cycle, he was nearly lost to an overdose. Going to the Orange County recovery community for detox, in-patient and then sober living is was what saved him. His time at RAW sober living solidified his clean and sober lifestyle. Positive living, life skill development put our son on the right track to be a vibrant young man ready to move into his next phase. We are grateful to RAW."

From Serena

"I am the parent of a young man who is in recovery from addiction, and he lives in a RAW Recovery home.  He has a strong desire to live a sober life, and RAW is supporting him in this quest.  Structure, rules, and emotional support are provided, and I know that living at RAW since his discharge from inpatient treatment is a big part of why he is making so much progress.  His house manager monitors him and is helping him learn to manage life’s problems as they occur at college, at his job, and with his peers -- the same skills that all young people are developing. This real life support is invaluable for learning and practicing skills to live a productive, sober life.  Getting and staying sober is hard, and having support and sober peers around you increases the odds for success.  I am so grateful to RAW for all the support that my son has had while living there."

From Miriam

"I am so grateful that my son found sober living at RAW. The staff is dedicated to his success and through a program of support, accountability and camaraderie, it gave my son the strength to re-enter the community as a productive adult and find joy in a sober living lifestyle."

From Kelli

"I was in full denial that my son had an alcohol/drug problem. Time went by and there were some false ups, as I remained in denial, and many downs. There were mostly downs, sleepless nights, lots of prayers and continuous worry and stress. I remember praying every single day that he would live to see the next. I thought about how horrible life would be if he didn’t live. That’s how scared I was. I always thought of him when I looked up at the stars at night and in the morning when I walked out to get the newspaper. I realized he was going to die if I didn’t act. I knew the best thing to do was to send him to a sober living facility. After talking with the staff, I knew this was going to work for my son. RAW Sober Living gave my son a second chance at life and it is so wonderful to see what he is doing with it. When I visited with my son in May of 2018 for his 25th birthday, I was fortunate to meet the other guys in the sober living home. I was so impressed with the guys and what a respectful, kind and caring bunch of men they were. Watching the hockey and basketball games and having fun -- sober fun!"