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Structure leads to success in early recovery. Why? Without structure we jump right back into our old behavior. We provide this essential structure with house rules, drug + alcohol testing, curfews and chores. All of our residents attend meetings, work the steps and perform service commitments. Some of our residents have jobs, some go to school and some attend Out Patient Treatment. We also encourage our residents to volunteer. Service leads to recovery. We help our residents discover the structure they need and come up with an appropriate recovery plan. Without structure recovery is impossible. At Raw we provide this foundation for success. It’s what worked for us!

Vocational & Volunteer Assistance

  • Career Assessment
  • “Get Well” Job Placement
  • Resume Building
  • Interview and Presentation Development
  • Job Search Assistance 
  • Volunteer Opportunity Assistance
  • Transportation to Work and/or to Volunteer Opportunities

Educational Services

  • Initial Comprehensive Assessment for all Academic Goals
  • Foundation Review Instruction for Math, English, and Writing
  • High School Diploma Assistance through GED or School of Origin
  • Admissions Advisement for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies
  • Standardized Test Preparation for GED, SAT, GRE, & GMAT
  • College Campus and Appropriate Major Selection
  • Standardized Test Preparation for Matriculation
  • Past Transcript Collection, Review and Audit
  • Academic Re-admittance Planning for Transfer curriculum
  • Academic Recovery Planning for Probation, Leave of Absence, and Withdrawal
  • Registration and Course Selection Assistance
  • College Campus Tours
  • Assistance in Communication with Advisement Services at Campus
  • Transportation to and from School
  • Tutoring, Time Management, & Study Skills Assistance
  • Class Attendance & Grade Accountability
  • Introduction to CRCs (Collegiate Recovery Communities)

Recovery Career Training

  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certification through DLCAS
  • Recovery Coaching Certificate through CCAR

Supplemental Recovery Services

  • Case Management
  • Monitoring Services
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Sober Transportation Services
  • Intensive Outpatient Groups*
  • Psychiatric and Psychotherapeutic Professionals*
  • Day Treatment Options*

* Partnerships with Local Ethical Providers


Southern California Sobriety

The Orange County area offers the most exciting recovery community in the country. Why? Because of the many opportunities for fun in sobriety. There are endless amounts of local sober activities and events. We provide a safe home base to enjoy this experience. RAW Sober Livings are located in beautiful Costa Mesa, California and feature comfortable private and semi-private rooms. Our convenient locations are within walking distance to meetings, grocery stores, restaurants and all kinds of attractions.

Our goal is to create a positive, safe and engaging environment for our residents. Not only do we participate in numerous recovery-based activities, we also surf, play sports, go to movies, hang out on the beach and enjoy life.